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As the Government tries to sell its policies on critical energy and environment matters, business is wanting analysis and interpretation of them:

  • What are the compliance costs associated with these policies? Get advance warning of policy shifts that could affect your costs.
    Find out about draft legislation, amendments to Acts and regulations and the dates they will be effective, plus enforcement practices.

  • Conflict continues between national and regional policies, creating an uneven playing field - for example: inconsistent application of the Resource Management Act.
    Find out the ramifications of this critical Act!

  • Is Green always bad? Learn about "green" technologies that should have a place in your plans and projects.
    Find out why wind farms are becoming the "in thing" for regional councils.

  • Stay abreast of the latest Energy and Environment management techniques and strategies worth investing in.
    Find out about the policy announcements, research, new ideas, and local and international activity that affects business in important areas.

A critical look at these topics:

Supply security

More and more, Energy & the Environment are part and parcel of each other.

Greehouse emissions
Climate change
Carbon Trading
Genetic Engineering
Land use

as well as covering all rural issues

Providing the accuracy and detail only a 36-year
track record can provide

NZ Energy & Environment Business Week is written and edited by Trans Tasman and The Main Report editorial staff headed by Max Bowden (Editor in Chief), Ian Templeton and Rob Hosking (Senior Writers), Tony Doe (Research Analyst) and Chris Mole (Associate Editor).

It is written and edited in a clear, concise style and focuses very specifically on the situations which confront you every day. Advertising is not accepted.

The editors have no allegiance to any political party or other outside lobby groups which could prejudice their thinking. Their duty is solely to you, the client.

Who will benefit from NZ Energy & Environment Business Week?

Shareholders, accountants, investors, bankers, insurers, legal advisors, clients and customers are all affected by a broad-based market shift towards sustainability. If your organisation is involved in, or affected by energy efficiency, renewable energy, water, waste, sanitation, land management, climate change or air quality, you are playing a part in shaping New Zealand's investment in the future.

Engineers, consultants, financiers, insurers, technology providers, scientists, contractors, service companies and infrastructure developers all need the latest analysis and interpretation of trends in the energy and environment marketplace.


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