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The annual trade deficit remains wide, weighed down at present by high oil prices. In turn, bringing some downward pressure on the NZ dollar.

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August 23, 2006 - This Week's Headlines

OECD Report Tips Fossil Fuels To Remain Dominant For Many Decades
Chris Mole - Associate Editor

A new OECD report predicts fossil fuels will remain the world’s dominant energy source for many more decades and is backing carbon capture and geo-sequestration as a key technology for the future. 
More ...

Taupo Geothermal Power Station To Proceed

Geotherm Group is pressing ahead with plans for a 60MW geothermal power station near Taupo after initial tests showing temperatures and pressure in the field are better than expected.
More ...

Commissioners Digging In Against Govt

Tension is growing between the Govt and two key regulators, the Commerce Commission and the Electricity Commission.
More ...

Meridian Looks To Manufacture WhisperGen In Spain

Mass production of Christchurch-based WhisperGen home energy units is on the cards after Meridian Energy CEO Keith Turner visited Spain this month to talk to a leading European manufacturer.
More ...

Carbon Capture Cheaper For NZ Than Renewables

A new report shows energy from Southland lignite combined with carbon capture and storage would be a cheaper long-term option for NZ than relying on renewables such as wind, hydro and wave energy.
More ...

Aust States To Push Ahead With Carbon Trading

A state-based cap and trade carbon scheme could be up and running in Aust as early as 2010.
More ...

Canterbury’s CO2 Emissions Outstrip Population Growth

A new report by Environment Canterbury shows the region’s greenhouse gas emissions (mainly CO2) have increased 55% or 1.13m tonnes since 1990.
More ...

A Second Opinion: Why Not Harness The West Coast’s Hydro Potential?

Outgoing head of the Petroleum Exploration and Producers Association of NZ, Mike Patrick, has taken a parting shot at the Govt for ignoring the potential of hydro generation, particularly on the West Coast. More ...          

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