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Useful links on energy and environment issues

You'll find a wealth of information on energy and environment issues that affect your business, at these websites. We're adding to this list all the time, to make it the most comprehensive resource on energy and environment issues available in New Zealand.

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Energy Campaign. Contact Energy has launched a public information campaign on energy options facing NZ, including a comprehensive new website www.positiveenergy.co.nz

Energy-related Sites

www.energyinfonz.com    Energy Information New Zealand (EnergyInfoNZ) - a convenient single-location site accessing an extensive range of information on energy (electricity, gas, oil, solid fuels etc.) It is also a forum for those involved and interested in the New Zealand energy industry. Has a very comprehensive useful sites section on energy around the world.

www.energize.co.nz   News on energy, environment and alternative energy a very informative site.

www.eff.co.nz The Electricity Future Forum. A website designed to inform and encourage debate about electricity supply and demand issues in New Zealand. A useful source of information.

www.energylink.co.nz   useful site that includes up-to-date information on the NZ electricity market

www.infratil.com/news.htm   Infratil News - useful site with up-to-date news on energy and other issues

http://www.ridgway.co.nz    Ridgeway Infrastructure Consulting - a very good weekly newsletter, including energy issues

www.nzelectricity.co.nz   New Zealand Electricity Market website - electricity prices

www.electricitycommission.govt.nz   NZ Electricity Commission charged with ensuring security of supply

www.comitfree.co.nz  COMIT Free To Air - a free service to information about New Zealand's electricity market. This site is part of COMIT and is designed to make electricity prices, demand and hydrology information available to anyone interested in the electricity sector.

http://www.comitfree.co.nz/fta/price_index.summary   M-co Electricity Price Index

www.nz.m-co.com   M-co - good resources on the energy sector

www.energyfed.org.nz  The Energy Federation of NZ. An independent energy industry association, which promotes the sustainable use of energy for economic growth in NZ.

New Zealand Energy Companies









Genesis Energy

Contact Energy

Meridian Energy

NGC (Natural Gas Corporation)

Mighty River Power


Todd Energy

Solid Energy

Energy Associations

www.ganz.org.nz   Gas Association of New Zealand

www.nzgeothermal.org.nz   New Zealand Geothermal Association

www.solarindustries.org.nz   New Zealand Solar Industry Association

www.converge.org.nz/solaraction   Solar Action New Zealand

www.windenergy.org.nz           NZ Wind Energy Association

www.photovoltaics.org.nz        NZ Photovoltaic Assocation

www.bioenergy.org.nz The Bioenergy Association represents the commercial bioenergy sector and provides a single point of contact on the bioenergy market.

'Business Friendly' Environmental Organisations

www.rmaguide.co.nz    A business-friendly, web-based guide to the Resource Management Act.

www.eds.org.nz   Environmental Defence Society - a business-friendly organisation seeking workable solutions to energy and environment issues.

www.ecologic.org.nz   The Ecologic Foundation - an environmental group that supports economic growth.   Free weekly newsletter.

www.nzbcsd.org.nz   New Zealand Business Council for Sustainable Development - headed by Stephen Tindall. Promotes economic solutions to environmental issues. Free weekly newsletter.

www.climateandbusiness.com  Website of Climate Change and Business: the Australia-New Zealand Conference and Trade Expo in Auckland 3-5 November 2004

www.ebex21.co.nz       Find out your business's CO2 footprint.

'Green' Organisations

www.soil-health.org.nz   Soil & Health Association of NZ - useful information on organics and related issues from a "green" perspective

www.organicsnewzealand.org.nz    OPENZ (Organic Products Exporters of NZ Inc.) was formed to encourage and support companies and organisations, who have an interest in the New Zealand organic export industry.

www.greenpeace.org.nz   Greenpeace NZ

www.4million.org.nz  a site dedicated to energy conservation and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

www.zerowaste.co.nz    Zero Waste New Zealand

Government Websites

www.electricitycommission.govt.nz   NZ Electricity Commission charged with ensuring security of supply

www.mfe.govt.nz   Ministry for the Environment

www.med.govt.nz   Ministry of Economic Development energy and environment section. The Ministry of Economic Development has recently released the New Zealand Energy Outlook to 2025, which is essential reading for anyone with an interest in energy issues.

www.doc.govt.nz   Department of Conservation

www.eeca.govt.nz  Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) is a Crown entity that promotes energy efficiency, energy conservation and renewable energy across all sectors of the economy.

www.emprove.org.nz   Emprove is a free service provided by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) to help businesses analyse their energy use and set up systems to manage and control them.  

www.ermanz.govt.nz    Environmental Risk Management Authority (ERMA) - controls the introduction to New Zealand of new hazardous substances and new plants and animals, including genetically modified organisms.

www.maf.govt.nz    Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) - advises on agricultural and forestry issues, the rules that ensure food products are safe to eat, and minimising the foreign pests and diseases entering or establishing in New Zealand.

www.fish.govt.nz   Ministry of Fisheries (MFish) - main purpose is to ensure that fisheries are sustainably used within a healthy aquatic ecosystem.

www.mfat.govt.nz    Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) - responsible for international relations, including New Zealands involvement with international environmental conferences and agreements.

www.morst.govt.nz    Ministry of Research, Science and Technology (MORST) - focuses on four key goal areas for research and innovation: knowledge, economic, social and environmental. The website also provides links to Crown research institutes and other research organisations in New Zealand.

www.mot.govt.nz    Ministry of Transport (MOT)  oversees NZ's transport needs, including environmental implications.

www.environment.govt.nz   The Ministry for the Environment's Environmental Reporting Programme - aim is to gather information and report on the health of our environment.

www.smf.govt.nz    Ministry for the Environment's Sustainable Management Fund. Through this fund the Ministry supports the community, business, iwi and local government in a wide range of environmental management initiatives.

www.climatechange.govt.nz    The New Zealand Government's climate change site - a gateway into the work of the interdepartmental New Zealand Climate Change Project.

www.oceans.govt.nz   The Oceans Policy is being developed in three stages. This website outlines the work, now being led by the Ministry for the Environment.

www.reducerubbish.govt.nz   Reduce Your Rubbish. This website provides you with simple actions you can take to your reduce your rubbish. It was developed in partnership with New Zealand's regional councils.

www.hsno.govt.nz    Hazardous Substances and New Organisms website - funded by the Sustainable Management Fund - a gateway to information about hazardous substances and new organisms in New Zealand.

www.qualityplanning.org.nz    Quality Planning. A site that provies guidance and promotes best practice in developing regional and district plans under the Resource Management Act and resource consent processing.

www.niwa.cri.nz   National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research - useful resources on energy and environment issues

www.niwa.co.nz/ncces    National Centre for ClimateEnergy Solutions

www.climatechange.govt.nz   NZ Climate Change Office

www.statistics.govt.nz    Statistics New Zealand - has energy and environment sections with useful resources, information and links.

International Sites

www.enn.com    Environmental News Network - a good site for international news on a wide range of environmental issues. You can subscribe to their daily newsletter.

www.sustainablebusiness.com   SustainableBusiness.com has many useful ideas on how to make your business "greener".

www.wme.com.au   WME magazine is a specialist title covering all forms of environmental business including new products and processes, legal matters, cleaner production and recycling and providing readers with up-to-date news on
advances in technology.

www.wfs.org    World Future Society - a stimulating site that covers a range of issues related to how the world might be in the future, including debate on environmental issues.

www.co2andclimate.com    The Greening Earth Society. Focus on CO2 and climate change issues.

www.john-daly.com   A sceptical view of the issue of CO2 and global warming

Genetic Engineering

www.biointegrity.org   Steve Druker, Public Interest Attorney, USA. An informative site for those wanting more info about the anti-GE debate.

www.take5.net.nz  Take 5 is a non-profit and non-political campaign designed by Kiwis for Kiwis. Its objective is to extend the GE moratorium by 5 years.

The Royal Commission on Genetic Modification The Royal Commission on Genetic Modification. Check out the report.

New Zealand Political Parties

www.beehive.govt.nz    Government website
Energy Minister - Hon Pete Hodgson
Environment Minister -
Hon Marian Hobbs
Biosecurity Minister - Hon Jim Sutton

www.national.org.nz   National Party
Energy spokesman - Roger Sowry
Environment spokesman - Nick Smith

www.greens.org.nz    Green Party
Co-leader Jeanette Fitzsimons - spokesperson on Climate Change, Conservation, Energy, Environment, Genetic Engineering, Sustainable Development (shared with Rod Donald), Sustainable Economics.
Co-leader Rod Donald - spokesperson on Sustainable Development

www.nzfirst.org.nz   New Zealand First Party
Energy spokesman - Peter Brown
Environment spokesman - Jim Peters

www.act.org.nz   ACT Party
Energy spokesman - Ken Shirley
Environment spokesman - Ken Shirley
Biosecurity spokesman - Gerry Eckhoff

www.unitedfuture.org.nz   United Future Party
Energy spokesman - Gordon Copeland
Environment spokesman - Larry Baldock
Biosecurity spokesman - Larry Baldock

Regional Councils

www.arc.govt.nz    Auckland Regional Council

www.nrc.govt.nz    Northland Regional Council

www.ew.govt.nz     Environment Waikato

www.ebop.govt.nz   Environment Bay of Plenty

www.hbrc.govt.nz   Hawke's Bay Regional Council

www.trc.govt.nz     Taranaki Regional Council

www.horizons.govt.nz   Manawatu-Wanganui Regional Council

www.wrc.govt.nz   Wellington Regional Council

www.ecan.govt.nz   Environment Canterbury

www.orc.govt.nz   Otago Regional Council

www.wcrc.govt.nz    West Coast Regional Council

www.envirosouth.govt.nz   Environment Southland




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