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Information for Subscribers

Problem with delivery
About use of mailing lists
Renewing your subscription
How to change your address
Reproducing publications
Reprint permission
Copies for meetings
Electronic multi-user site licence

Other questions

If you have a problem with delivery... (missing or late)

NZ Energy & Environment Business Week is mailed by noon every Wednesday via NZ Post. If your Letter is late or the delivery erratic, please contact us immediately and we will do our best to resolve the problem and inform you of what is being done to correct it.

Use of mailing lists ...

From time to time, we make our subscribers' names available to companies whose products and services we feel might be of interest (telephone marketing is prohibited). The names are rented in bulk for a one time use and accessed through reputable mailing houses.

If you don't wish to receive this information please contact us with your subscription number.

NZ Energy & Environment Business Week considers your telephone number, fax number and e-mail address strictly confidential and these are never released to anyone.

Renewing your subscription ...

You will receive a renewal notice about 60 days before your subscription is to expire. You can, of course, renew or extend your subscription at any time that is convenient.

From time to time, we offer an ADVANCE RENEWAL SAVINGS promotion to our subscribers which includes a special premium and reduced ...and to attract new subscribers we make a reduced introductory offer on a 1st year basis only.

We use both methods to increase our circulation and maintain the present subscription rate.

How to change your address ...

When your address changes, please send us the address label from your mailing envelope containing your subscriber code and include your new postal code, telephone and fax numbers, plus e-mail address so that we can make contact with you should we have any queries regarding your subscription.

Reproducing publications ...

Photocopying or electronically distributing NZ Energy & Environment Business Week without permission is prohibited and illegal under copyright law. We do not accept advertising. Subscription and Special Report sales are the primary way we earn a living at NZ Energy & Environment Business Week. Please respect that fact and the copyright laws. Reduced rates are available for multi-subscriptions. Or you may obtain NZ Energy & Environment Business Week via our Multi User Site Licence service (see below), which gives you substantial savings and, at the same time, guarantees immediate delivery.

Reprint permission ...

For permission to reprint NZ Energy & Environment Business Week material in your bulletins or publications, ask our Subscription Services for a Reprint Authorisation Form. Permission can only be given in writing. We welcome this providing you credit us as the source. Find out how to contact us.

Copies for meetings ...

If you would like copies of  NZ Energy & Environment Business Week for use at seminars, management meetings, training sessions, conferences, etc ... contact us with information about the meeting and the number you require.

Multi-User Site Licence - Getting the Most From Your Subscription 

NZ Energy & Environment Business Week can be delivered to your organisation's electronic network or intranet instantly upon publication. No waiting for the mail and no waiting for routing slips to find their way to your desk. You can act on information while it's still fresh and have access to back issues whenever you need them.

Multi-User Electronic Site Licences are available for individual offices or entire firms and can be cusomised to meet your particular requirements. Call Nicky @ .

Multi-User Price Structure - Email, Internet, Intranet (NZ$ inc GST)

up to 10 users
NZ$895 Aust$895
11 - 20 users
NZ$1595 Aust$1595
21 - 50 users
NZ$1995 Aust$1995
51-plus users
please phone to obtain a quotation

More questions?

Please contact us. Please have your subscription number handy if you can.

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