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08 November 2017

  • This Week … Much of the Govt’s agenda will be set around the common areas of agreement between Labour, NZ First and the Greens mostly as set out in the agreements with Labour. But the agreement of all three parties will be needed to pass Bills outside these areas.
  • Electricity Authority Chairman Brent Layton says NZ’s unsubsidised renewable electricity supply will become increasingly tempting to industries in countries facing pressure from carbon charges and the end of fossil fuel subsidies.
  • The judgment in the climate-change policy judicial review is significant because it concludes Govt policy in the area is reviewable and not one of the “no-go zones” where the courts usually fear to tread. Law student Sarah Thomson asked the High Court to declare the setting of two emissions-reductions targets as unlawful and order them to be reviewed.
  • And chances of drilling the huge Barque prospect off the Canterbury coast are hanging in the balance. Permit holder NZ Oil & Gas needs partners to drill at a cost estimated at $$60 to $80m. There are also questions about the Ardern Govt’s stance on the prospect of new drilling.

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